Post-Mastectomy Services

​Hanger Clinic understands that each woman who goes through a mastectomy has unique concern and lifestyle needs. That’s why Hanger Clinic’s post mastectomy fitters offer patients caring, individualized and private service in fitting breast forms and bras.

​The Hanger Clinic Advantage

A certified mastectomy fitter works closely with each patient to find the right size and style of post mastectomy products and bras that will restore a natural look and project a positive body image. In addition, today’s mastectomy bras are very fashionable and comfortable.

Recent advancements in breast forms include lightweight styles for leisure and sleeping, waterproof forms for swimming and others that are made for athletics and a vigorous lifestyle.     

What is a Breast Form?

Breast forms are made from safe materials that approximate natural tissue. They are similar in color, weight and texture to a natural breast and are contoured for a supple and natural-appearing silhouette. Newer breast forms adhere directly to the chest wall and require no special lingerie for security. Choice of a breast form is determined by the type and extent of surgery, skin condition, the weight of the form, lifestyle demands and comfort.

A breast form can help maintain shoulder posture, add comfort and boost self-esteem. Establishing proper fit is also important for good respiratory function.   

Your First Visit

Before your first visit, you will need a prescription from your physician. It's also a good idea to check your insurance coverage--your local Hanger Clinic can help!  Most insurance providers as well as Medicare cover both a breast form and a supporting bra. 

Our general recommendation is to come in for your first fitting two to six weeks after surgery, but recovery varies for each woman, so consult with your physician.

During your appointment, you will be measured and fitted for a breast form and you will also discuss options for bras. It will probably take one or two visits to make any necessary adjustments and ensure a good fit. Your breast form and bra may also need to be custom ordered.

After your initial fittings, you will return to your fitter every one to two years to be refit, unless you experience significant weight loss or gain or any problems with the breast form. If Hanger Clinic is billing your insurance company, you must bring a new prescription with you on your return visits--insurance requires a new prescription for each covered breast form.

Caring for Your Mastectomy Product

Wash your mastectomy product daily with warm water and liquid soap. Pay extra attention to the gel/pearls in the attachable back of the breast form. When drying the breast form, pat dry using a clean towel but allow the attachable portion to air dry. Refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions for further information regarding the cleaning and care of your breast form.

Some mastectomy products require a cover for wearing. If provided, please wear the cover over your product. This will help reduce moisture getting to the breast form. Not wearing the breast form cover could cause the product to break down prematurely.

The mastectomy product that you received generally has a two-year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. (Note that the attachable breast form back for may not carry a manufacturer's warranty.) Upon receiving your warranty card, send it in to the manufacturer immediately to begin and ensure warranty coverage. If your breast form leaks, breaks or cracks please call your local clinic for help. 

  • Always store your mastectomy product in the container provided when not wearing and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Please remove jewelry (rings, bracelets, etc.) when handling your breast form. Use caution when playing with pets or handling sharp objects.
  • We recommend hand washing your bra and then line drying or laying it flat to dry on a clean towel. If you decide to use the washing machine, place the bra in a pillowcase or delicate bag and use a mild liquid soap on the delicate cycle. Do not use Woolite® and never place in the dryer.
  • You may wear your breast form while swimming in salt water or chlorine water, but do no wear in a hot tub. Wash your mastectomy product as soon as possible after swimming. If you swim more than 3-4 times a week, please contact your fitter for information about special swim forms.

Emotional Concerns for Mastectomy Patients

Your Hanger Clinic fitter can suggest local support groups and organizations that will help you and your loved ones and friends deal with the emotional concerns that are a natural part of the recovery process. Just ask your fitter for the name and phone numbers of these groups and don’t hesitate to call.

Peer Support

ABCD Cancer Support (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) offers support and mentorship for women going through treatment for breast cancer.

To find out more about this program, click here.