​WalkAide® is an advanced medical device that has created immediate and dramatic improvements in walking for many patients with foot drop. Now you can try the WalkAide device with no obligation with WalkAccess. 

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Exclusively at Hanger Clinic

Under WalkAccess, you’ll receive a free evaluation to see if WalkAide is appropriate for your condition. You’ll then receive a customized fitting at your Hanger Clinic. Then you’ll be able to wear the device home and use it for a two week trial period.

During your trial period, we recommend you wear it at home, at work and while traveling — every environment you typically encounter in your daily life. Since WalkAide is small and compact, you can wear it discreetly under most clothing and in most situations.

Like many patients, you may experience an immediate, noticeable improvement in mobility. At the end of the trial, you may purchase the device or return it to the Hanger Clinic office.

Please Note: There is a small, non-refundable cost for participation in the WalkAccess program. This cost is for personalized and non-reusable components, including the system’s disposable liner and electrodes. These costs will be deducted if the WalkAide system is purchased at the end of the WalkAccess trial.

Eric Wallace: One Patient’s WalkAccess Success Story

44-year-old Eric Wallace from Sacramento, California was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) 22 years ago. Since his diagnosis, the weakness in his legs increased and his personal mobility declined, making it difficult for him to keep up with the active lives of his wife and three children, as well as the demands of his career as an X-ray technologist.

When researching options for combating foot drop, Wallace was hesitant to invest in a device or treatment protocol without personally experiencing its effectiveness at home, at work and at play.

"During the two-week trial, I wore the WalkAide to work and, at the end of the day, I clearly noticed I wasn’t as tired, I was walking better and I didn’t stumble. I also used it to walk places with my family. I rode my bike and shot hoops with it," Wallace said. "At the end of the two weeks, I just knew the WalkAide was for me."