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Stephen Lutz

​​Condition: Below-Knee Congenital Limb Loss

Solution:  Prosthetic Legs

Stephen Lutz competes in a track event.Stephen’s Story           

While 16-year-old Stephen Lutz may be similar to other high school varsity baseball pitchers in that he lives for the game and has dreams of playing college ball, Stephen has several characteristics that set him apart from fellow athletes.             

Disability Doesn’t Define Stephen           

Stephen was born without his left leg below the knee, without toes on his right foot, and with only two full fingers on his pitching hand. However, with the help of a prosthetic leg and sheer determination, he’s excelling at the sport and is working toward his dream of pitching ​for the LSU Tigers in a couple of years. As a starting pitcher for his high school in Lafayette, Louisiana, Stephen finished last season with a record of 4-1, an ERA of 2.96, 45 strikeouts, and an average opponent batting average of only .184. 


Not only does Stephen play baseball, he also excels in track and skateboarding. Last summer he took home three gold medals at the Endeavor Games in the 100 –, 200 –, and 400-meter runs, and three years ago, competed alongside Shawn White and Ryan Sheckler at the X-Games in Los Angeles in the “Adaptive Jam” skateboarding competition. He also enjoys basketball, weightlifting, and wakeboarding.

Stephen is a perfect example of someone who hasn’t let a disability define them, and would love to share his inspirational story with others.