Custom Prosthetics and Limb Loss Solutions

​​Hanger Clinic is committed to the power of your potential as you begin to regain mobility and independence. Our clinicians are here to care for your unique needs and goals. View our extensive selection of custom prosthetics and limb loss solutions within the following pages.

Finding a New Path illustrates the process that an individual will go through following an amputation. It shows the steps needed to prepare for a limb loss device.

Prosthetic arm with individual digits by Hanger Clinic

Adult Upper Limb/Extremity Prosthetic Solutions

Our Upper Extremity Prosthetics Program sees hundreds of upper limb/extremity cases each year. We are proud to bring world-class expertise and experience to a very specialized field.

Man with custom prosthetic leg enjoys wakeboarding

Adult Lower Limb/Extremity Prosthetic Solutions

Our Lower Extremity Prosthetics Program provides patients with the most advanced and clinically appropriate technology to help them meet their goals and regain independence.

Child with prosthetic limb rides a bicycle

Pediatric Limb/Extremity Prosthetic Solutions

Our pediatric limb loss solutions include upper and lower limb/extremity devices. We also offer devices for specific activities.

Group of amputees with prosthetic limbs pose at community event.

AMPOWER: Amputee
Support Group​​

AMPOWER is a three-tiered, comprehensive program whose mission is to empower and strengthen those affected by amputation or limb differenc​​e through peer mentorship, educational resources, and community events.

Read our Prosthetic Blog: Amputee writing with pen

Read our Prosthetic Blog

Our new blog features information relevant for the amputee community. You will get expert information along with stories from other amputees across the nation with blog posts such as Managing Phantom Limb Pain
or Learning to Walk with a Prosthetic Leg.