Prosthetic Feet

If you have had an amputation, at Hanger Clinic we provide you with the most advanced and clinically appropriate prosthetic leg technology to help you achieve your goals and regain independence.

Types of Prosthetic Foot Units

Each technology has its own benefits and advantages for prosthetic users. Your clinician will evaluate your specific needs and activities of daily living to determine which prosthesis will facilitate optimal independence, stability, security and confidence.

There are multiple prosthetic feet offering many different features and benefits. Examples include:

  • The Solid Ankle Cushion Heel (SACH) is a basic foot consisting of a wooden liner with a foam outer shell.
  • Single-axis feet offer some adjustment to stiffness by inclusion of selected wedges.
  • Multi-axis feet allow the foot to rotate while increasing stability and comfort on non-level surfaces.
  • Dynamic response feet store and return energy as the user walks, resulting in a natural, fluid gait. This foot is typically fitted to more active patients.
  • Range of motion feet are ideal for people who want to alternate shoes with varying heel heights and are helpful for walking on inclines or rugged terrain.
  • Microprocessor controlled feet provide variable resistance. This is controlled by the onboard computer that continually processes information such as walk speed, inclines and uneven surfaces. Some include heel height adjustability. They are fitted to moderately active functional level three patients.

Hydraulic and Microprocessor Feet

Prosthetic foot options continue to evolve and to incorporate more advanced technology. Hydraulic feet enable both low and high activity users to walk with more stability using less energy. Options include the Blatchford Echelon, Freedom Innovations Kinterra and the College Park Odyssey.

Microprocessor-integrated foot systems include the Blatchford élan, Freedom Innovations Kinnex, Fillauer Raize, Ossur Proprio, Ottobock Triton Smart Ankle and the BionX emPOWER. Each provides unique functions and improves ambulation, which helps lower limb prosthetic users walk more efficiently and improve function in activities of daily living. 

Learn more about these microprocessor prosthetic feet technologies.

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