Microprocessor Prosthetic Feet

Prosthetic foot options continue to evolve and to incorporate more advanced technology. There are multiple microprocessor foot systems now available, including the Blatchford élan, Freedom Innovations Kinnex, Fillauer Raize, Ossur Proprio, and BionX emPOWER. Each provides unique functions and all improve ambulation, helping lower limb prosthetic users, typically those who are moderate functional level three, to walk more efficiently and improve function in activities of daily living.

How Microprocessor Technology Works

Microprocessor controlled feet respond to constant feedback from sensors to the onboard computer, which changes the resistance to plantarflexion (downward motion) and dorsiflexion (upward motion) of the foot based on walking speed, incline, decline and type of terrain. Adjustments are made in real time. Some designs communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth. Microprocessor controlled feet require nightly recharging, similar to a cell phone.

There are also integrated microprocessor knee/feet/ankle systems available, such as the Linx system from Blatchford.

élan hydraulic footélan

The élan is a microprocessor-controlled hydraulic foot from Blatchford that uses patented technology to provide a simulated plantarflexion assist during fast walking on level ground and a brake effect when walking down an incline. That makes it easier to negotiate uneven terrain, slopes and ramps with less effort, increased stability and greater confidence.

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 Additional Benefits of the élan:

  • Improved ground clearance in swing phase

  • Enhanced security and stability

  • Improved posture

  • Even loading between limbs

  • Improved gait

  • Incorporated battery, self-contained device

  • Rechargeable battery that lasts a minimum of 24 hours

  • Water resistant

  • Clean / sleek look

  • Ability to be cosmetically covered

The élan is recommended for moderately active amputees with the ability or potential for ambulation with variable cadence and who may benefit from enhanced security and functionality and increased confidence on uneven surfaces.

élan in the News

BIONIC FEET: First Iowan Gets New Prosthetic – WHO-TV (NBC), Clive, IA

élan on YouTube

The Blatchford élan Prosthetic Foot

Kinnex Microprocessor Ankle/Foot System

Kinnex, from Freedom Innovations, is the first-ever waterproof microprocessor-controlled foot. This allows users to fully immerse the foot in water, making it possible to enjoy many activities without changing your foot, such as paddle boarding or visiting a waterpark with your children. Using embedded sensors and built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the Kinnex can sync to a mobile app on users' smart phones, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustments including up to two inches of heel height. The app can store settings for up to 100 shoes, so users can wear more types of shoes with different heel heights.

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Kinnex in the News

Palm Springs, CA

Retired local priest receives world's first bionic ankle foot – KESQ-TV (CBS), Palm Springs, CA

Residente del valle recibe prótesis de avanzada tecnología (Valley resident receives advanced prosthetic technology) – KVER-TV (Univision), Palm Springs, CA

Proprio Foot

The Proprio Foot® from Össur mimics natural foot motion with a motor-powered ankle. Toe clearance during the swing phase of walking enhances stability and improves security when walking on uneven terrain.

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The emPOWER from BionX offers powered plantarflexion (downward motion of the foot) to propel you forward over level or uneven ground and up inclines while using less energy.

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