Support and Resources

Hanger Clinic patients at AMPOWER: Amputee Peer Support Program AMPOWER: Amputee Peer Support Program

Helping patients transition to life after limb loss

Patients that undergo amputation often have challenges with the emotional adjustment to the loss of a limb. There is a body of evidence showing that the most effective way for assisting patients with the transition to life after limb loss is through peer support from individuals who have successfully moved forward after an amputation.  Hanger Clinic's amputee peer visitor programAMPOWER,provides information and emotional support for the new amputee or pending amputee.  Peer visitors are uniquely qualified to help amputees cope with negative emotions after an amputation because they may have experienced similar emotions during their own recovery and rehabilitation process.


Occupational Therapy

Hanger Clinic's upper limb team includes Occupational Therapists who specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with upper limb differences.   They are available to assist in developing treatment plans that ensure each patient achieves their maximum potential with their Hanger Clinic prosthetic solution​s.​