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For Prosthetic Patients

Also included in our prosthetic packets is our video documentary, "Overcoming Adversity". This video presents the personal stories of numerous patients. You will hear their perspective about how they have been rehabilitated and have returned to an active life using prosthetic technology. 

First Step Magazine

​Hanger Clinic is now offering​ a free copy of First Step Magazine for all people interested in prosthetic technology.

Hanger Clinic believes that reviewing the information provided in First Step Magazine by the Amputee Coalition is a critical first step in recovery and rehabilitation after amputation. 

Hanger Clinic supports the Amputee Coalition’s mission to reach out and empower people affected by limb loss. Both organizations share the goal of providing amputees and caregivers with helpful information, resources and support.  

This special edition of First Step is offered by Hanger Clinic  and is considered an essential guide for all people who are coping with the challenges of limb loss. First Step offers readers 99 pages of reliable information on consumer issues that have been raised time and time again by amputees attempting to make educated choices, get better services, or decide on available options.​

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