Your First Visit

​From the moment you enter a Hanger patient care clinic, our goal is to give you a calm and welcoming experience. That first visit to an orthotist or prosthetist is stressful for new patients. It’s natural to feel a little frightened and even sad when coming face-to-face with the new realities of your life.

​You’re the Reason We Do What We Do

Front of a Hanger Clinic Office

At Hanger Clinic, initial appointments and evaluations are always free of charge. Whether you are seeking a preoperative prosthetic consultation, are currently a prosthetic patient with another provider, or are a person in need of orthotic care, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. We take a team approach to caring for people.

The first step is to call a Hanger Clinic national patient representative at 877-4HANGER (877.442.6437). They will be able to answer your questions and send you additional information. The representative may ask you to give a general overview of your situation and the care you have received thus far. When you are ready to schedule your free initial evaluation, simply call again and they will help determine which office in the Hanger Clinic network is best suited to meet your specific needs. The first phase of your office visit consists of a thorough examination and evaluation by an orthotist or prosthetist.

If you’re an experienced orthotic or prosthetic user but are now looking for a different provider, it can be a real challenge to think about stirring up the energy to begin again and establish a relationship with a new clinician. Regardless of your circumstances for an initial visit at Hanger Clinic, our wish is to counter any stress you feel with a renewed sense of hopefulness. For all patients, your clinician will conduct a thorough physical examination, recommend an appropriate orthosis or prosthesis, and begin the fitting process. They can also answer your questions about orthotic or prosthetic care and rehabilitation.

Before Your First Appointment

There are a few basic steps to complete before arriving at your first appointment.

  • New amputees must contact their physician and get approval or release to be fitted with a prosthesis. Ask for a prescription for a prosthesis and a prescription for physical therapy.
  • Experienced prosthetic users must contact their physician and discuss weight loss or gain, as well as any problems with the current prosthesis, such as pain or discomfort. Ask for a letter of medical necessity that describes these problems; also ask for a prescription for a new prosthesis and a prescription for physical therapy.
  • Orthotic patients will also need to obtain a prescription for an orthotic device from their physician. If the orthotic specialist recommends physical therapy, the patient will need to obtain a prescription for physical therapy from their physician.
  • Both orthotic and prosthetic patients will need to contact one or more of the following organizations, depending on which method of insurance or financial assistance will be used. These include your insurance company, workers compensation carrier, adjustor or employer, and managed care authorization representative.

What should I bring with me to my appointment at Hanger Clinic?

  1. All Active Insurance Cards
  2. a) Your insurance card provides critical data for billing purposes such as: policy number, group number, plan codes, effective dates, co-pays, deductibles, referral/authorization information, physician phone numbers, insurance company phone numbers and other important information. These cards help our staff to identify your coverage, since many insurance companies offer different types of plans.

    b) Please let the Hanger Clinic Office Administrator know if you are not the subscriber (i.e. it is your spouse’s insurance and you are covered on it).

  3. Photo ID
  4. Prescription or Referral
  5. Payment for any applicable associated service cost (i.e. Co-Insurance/ Deductible/ Deposit)
  6. ​a) Cash, Credit Card, Check​

    ​​If you are a new patient or have changes to your current information and have scheduled an appointment at our clinic, you can help the check-in process go more quickly and smoothly. Please print, review and complete the forms below. Be sure to review them to ensure all information is accurate. Bring the completed forms to your appointment and the office assistant will be able to quickly check you in.

Patient Registration Form​​
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Notice of Privacy Practices Brochure
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Patient Registration Signature Form
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Financial Policy Brochure
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