New Patient Information: We Are Here To Help

At Hanger Clinic, empowering human potential is the driving force behind everything we do.

With nearly 800 patient care clinics and hundreds of certified specialists and technicians who customize and fit orthotic & prosthetic (O&P) devices, Hanger Clinic is by far the largest and most experienced O&P provider in the nation. Each year, we fit thousands of patients with the latest in prosthetic devices, braces and supports for a wide variety of conditions. We are here to help our patients regain independence and achieve the goals that are important to them.

You’re the Reason We Do What We Do

You, the patient, are the most important person in our business. We are here to listen to you, consult with you and tailor prosthetic or orthotic care to your individual needs and goals. We ensure that you receive personalized attention throughout your treatment and recovery. 

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Request Free Prosthetic &​ Orthotic Information

The information request form will help us understand your needs and provide some relevant information regarding prosthetics and orthotics.

Visiting a Hanger Clinic Location

Your First Hanger Clinic ​Visit​

From the moment you enter Hanger Clinic, our goal is to give you a calm and welcoming experience. Regardless of your circumstances, our wish is to counter any stress you feel with a renewed sense of hopefulness.

Patient Education Clinics

Insurance Education & FAQs

After you have provided all appropriate information through forms provided by our Hanger Clinic staff, our experienced office staff will verify your benefits with your insurance carrier to determine the amount of coverage available for your orthotic or prosthetic services.​

Insurance and Financial Aid Options are available.

Financial Education & Assistance

Specific insurance coverage varies by plan. It is very important to know what your insurance will and will not cover before proceeding with your orthotic and prosthetic care.​

Choosing your orthotic provider is an important step.

Choosing a Provider

Choosing an provider is an important part of finding the best care for you. This section provides you with details on what to look for and questions to ask.

Peer-to-peer support: Three of the best friends.

AMPOWER: Amputee Resource Center​​​

AMPOWER is a three-tiered, comprehensive program whose mission is to empower and strengthen those affected by amputation or limb differenc​​e through peer mentorship, educational resources, and community events.


Choosing your prosthetic provider is an important step.


Hanger Clinic hosts a variety of patient events that help you learn to thrive with your devices.