Hero Arm

hero arm iron man.jpgWith patient-centered innovation at our core, we are dedicated to ensuring each person we serve has access to cutting-edge solutions that improve mobility while inspiring confidence in everyday life. This is why we partnered with Open Bionics to bring the first-ever medically-approved 3D-printed bionic arm to the United States.

The Hero Arm is a lightweight myoelectric prosthesis with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics for adults and children as young as eight years old. Each Hero Arm is custom-built in the UK based on the needs of each person using 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies.

Key Features


  • The Hero Arm weighs less than 2.2lbs in its entirety. The hand comes in three sizes, and at 0.62lbs - 0.76lbs, is the lightest bionic hand available. 

Multiple Grips 

  • Up to six easy-to-select grips, such as a fist, hook, pinch, and tripod, provides outstanding versatility and control. 

Intuitive Feedback 

  • Haptic vibrations and beepers on the electrodes, as well as buttons and lights, offer intuitive notifications. 

Stylish Covers 

  • You can choose from a range of swappable covers; Star Wars BB-8, Marvel Iron Man, Disney Frozen, and coming soon: Alita Battle Angel. 

Proportional Control 

  • EMG muscle sensors detect muscle movements, giving proportional control. 

Dynamic Socket 

  • An adjustable socket and a removable ventilated liner (both custom 3D-printed) gives exceptional fit and comfort. 

For Adults & Children 

  • The hand comes in three sizes, making it a great solution for adults and children as young as eight years old. 

“The Hero Arm has opened up a whole new world for Meredith. She found success from the moment she put it on, and has been able to do things for the first time in her life. This device allows people like Meredith to own their differences with more confidence.” 

- Jodi G. (Meredith's mom)   

Get the Hero Arm 

The Hero Arm is available at Hanger Clinic locations nationwide, with consultation and fitting from our national upper limb specialists. Our friendly staff will be able to assist with determining cost based on the specific device and care plan.