Residency Program

​​In 1996, Hanger Clinic established a national residency program that is responsible for the organization, recruitment, management, and oversight of all Hanger Clinic/NCOPE (National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education) accredited residency sites across the United States. Since that time, we have trained more than 800 orthotic and prosthetic residents at our 150+ NCOPE accredited residency sites.

About the Program

Resident pediatric training session as part of the Hanger Clinic Residency Program.We offer a comprehensive, state of the art, patient care oriented training environment that focuses on the development of new clinicians in the most efficient, effective manner possible.

In addition, we have established more than 40 primary training clinics that are especially focused on resident training within a structured medical residency model.

Our resident graduates perform much better than the national average on the certificate and licensure board exams and the vast majority remain with Hanger Clinic to become industry leaders in education, clinical practice, business, and management.

With multiple business units serving different segments of the O&P industry, Hanger Clinic continues to find new ways to empower human potential for those with physical challenges, while remaining true to our rich history of superior clinical outcomes and customer service. We count on our residents to continue this tradition.  

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Our Mission

Residents present rounds.Our mission is to prepare the new graduate for competent, autonomous clinical practice in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. We utilize a comprehensive, gradual experiential model within a broad-based professional and academic environment conducive to the education and training of tomorrow’s corporate and industry leaders.

The Hanger Clinic Resident Advantage

The year of exposure to excellent clinical practice and Hanger Clinic’s commitment to technology and education, enables the Hanger Clinic residents to make the informed decision to build a future with the company.

Over the past 5 years over 85% of the residents trained by Hanger Clinic were hired by the company for permanent staff positions. Whether to be near family or to practice a particular specialty, with nearly 800 patient care clinics nationwide, Hanger Clinic can offer opportunities other programs can’t, including the following:

• Mock exams offered biannually
• Certification reimbursement
• National job market
• Career advancement
• Annual National Hanger Education Fair
• National Upper Extremity Prosthetic Program
• National Lower Extremity Prosthetic Program
• National Orthotic Program
• Synergy programs with physical and occupational therapists
• Mentoring from some of the most prestigious O&P clinicians in the country