Dean Rabbitt, BOCO, BOCP


Dean Rabbitt, BOCO, BOCP


Dean is a BOC-certified prosthetist/orthotist for Hanger Clinic in Prescott, Arizona. He specializes in lower extremity prosthetics and custom orthotics.

Dean relocated to Prescott to be closer to his mother, and for the cooler weather.

His passion for the O&P field began at a very young age, as his father was a below knee amputee. As a child, Dean always admired his father’s spirit; he never allowed his circumstance to keep him from accomplishing his goals with a smile on his face. One of the highlights of Dean’s career was building a prosthesis for his father.

Dean takes pride in being able to help each patient that comes to the clinic–a person may first come in unable to walk, and in fabricating a device that meets their needs, he gets to contribute to that person walking out the door on their own power.

Outside of the clinic, Dean enjoys golf, hiking, going to church, traveling, and helping his mother.


  • Bachelor of Science, California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • Certificate in Orthotics, 2003
  • Certificate in Prosthetics, 2003
  • Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Loma Linda University, 2009

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