Kevin Warner, CP

Kevin Warner, CP

Kevin Warner, CP


Kevin is a Pennsylvania-licensed, ABC-certified prosthetist for Hanger Clinic. He has more than 25 years of experience in prosthetics, and has been with Hanger Clinic since 2014. Kevin loves being able to help others while working with his hands, and enjoys getting to be creative while also serving the community.


  • Prosthetic Practitioner Certificate, Northeast Metro Technical College, 1993
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Services, concentration in Prosthetics, Metropolitan State University, 1993

Professional Highlights

  • Internship at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis, MN in 1993
  • Provided volunteer prosthetic services in Tijuana, Mexico while working in San Diego
  • Presented a talk, “Hybridization of components in prosthetics” at the 1998 Annual Spring Conference of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the AAOP

Clinic Locations

Hershey Hershey
121 Towne Square Dr,
Suite 204
Hershey, PA 17022
Fax: (717) 367-5997
Chambersburg Chambersburg
765 5th Ave,
Suite D
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Fax: (717) 264-7232
Harrisburg Harrisburg
989 E Park Dr,
Suite C
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Fax: (717) 564-4524

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