Will Miller, CO

Practicing Resident

Will Miller, CO

Practicing Resident

Will is an ABC-certified orthotist and prosthetics resident at Hanger Clinic in Portland, ME.

Will was introduced to the field at a young age, having worked as a technician in an orthotic fabrication lab starting at age 16. After college, he transitioned into a clinical role, working as an ABC-certified orthotic assistant and fitter. Seeing firsthand the impact orthotic treatment has on improving patient quality of life, Will pursued a master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics earning his orthotics certification while practicing at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Will specializes in lower limb, spinal, and cranial orthoses for pediatric and adult patients. His patient care philosophy is to approach orthotic and prosthetic management with a goals-focused, patient-first mindset. He enjoys the hands-on aspect of the field, especially when it involves treating a complex orthopedic condition.

Outside of the clinic, Will partakes in numerous outdoor activities including snowboarding and disc golf. He is an avid video gamer and self-proclaimed competitive dancer. He also loves spending time with his girlfriend and their two cats.


  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Framingham State University, 2017
  • Master of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Northwestern University, 2021

Clinic Locations

Portland Portland
959 Brighton Ave
Portland, ME 04102
Fax: (207) 773-2912

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