The Hanger Institute for Clinical Research & Education Issues Its First Annual Report Highlighting Efforts to Advance Orthotic and Prosthetic Care

Hanger Clinic Annual Report

Translating knowledge to the broader rehabilitation community and disseminating results are key components that define clinical research. Made possible by strategic collaboration and partnerships with a wide range of academic and clinical institutions, we are pleased to share the 2022 Hanger Institute for Clinical Research & Education’s Annual Report.

I am delighted to introduce and share the Hanger Institute for Clinical Research and Education Annual Report. Embedded within Clinical and Scientific Affairs, the mission of the Hanger Institute is to explore, expand, and facilitate opportunities that advance science and care in orthotics and prosthetics. This report reflects the efforts that we are making to advance and provide evidence-based care.

James H. Campbell, PhDSenior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer

Highlights include:

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