Clinical Affairs

In a healthcare climate increasingly focused on the provision of evidence-based decision-making, the Clinical Affairs arm of the Hanger Institute of Clinical Research and Education optimizes and quantifies outcomes to help improve patient and clinician quality of life and well-being. 

As the body of evidence associated with orthotic and prosthetic care continues to mature, Clinical Affairs ensures the most salient research findings are translated and integrated into our individual clinics where they can be considered alongside clinical experience and patient values.

Our nationwide collection of validated clinical outcomes across a spectrum of patient populations helps us document, monitor, and communicate the well-being of individual patients. The aggregation of these outcomes then allows us to advocate for the needs of larger patient populations.

Clinical education is a paramount focus of our efforts, from the careful selection and mentoring of our newest clinicians, to the continued education of our most experienced. Clinical Affairs is dedicated to a culture of maintaining the highest level of clinical competencies with both established and developing techniques and resources. 

Clinical Practice Guidelines

We’re setting a new standard of care through evidence-based clinical recommendations so clinicians can deliver the best possible care.

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Clinical Outcomes

We develop new practice tools to empower our teams with the data to make informed decisions when treating patients across a spectrum of diagnoses.

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Residency Program

The program helps prepare new graduates for competent, autonomous clinical practice in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.

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