PowerUp Webinar – Resilience Reset

Date and Time

April 12, 2022
12–1 p.m. CT


Virtual Event

We are living in an unprecedented time. Ever-increasing demands on time and energy have created an environment where we are always multitasking and often feel distracted and overwhelmed. Anxiety, stress, and burnout are at an all-time high, and if we don’t take time to reset, the physical and psychological results can take a toll on us all. More than training, education, or experience, your resilience determines your success, personally and professionally. Fortunately, resilience is a set of skills and habits that can be learned and cultivated.

Resilience is the key to success because it changes your attitude and the way you respond to difficulty by enabling you to use the adversity in your life as a catalyst to get stronger. When you are better able to accept challenges, ambiguity, and adversity, you adapt well to change, deal with stress better, and recover quickly from disappointments.  

All of us have the power to develop a resilient mindset. Learn how to take back control, make stress work for you, and cultivate a resilient mindset, skill set, and the ability to reset with strategies that can be applied immediately in your clinic and all aspects of your life.

About PowerUp

PowerUp is a free webinar series where women in O&P come together to discuss important topics in career and personal growth. Join us as we build a community of women empowering women in O&P.

Course Level: Introductory

Target Audience: O&P Clinicians (CE), Allied Health/Physician (non-CE)

CE Contact Hours: 1.0 or 60 minute session

This course has been awarded 1.25 Category I credits by the American Board for Certificate in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics.  To receive the full 1.25 credits, a short quiz will be required following the session. All other participants are welcome to submit a request for a certificate of course completion to submit to their board.

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  • Mindset: Understand your brain, habits, and belief systems that support and sabotage resilience.
  • Skill Set: Learn to cultivate positive emotions to offset your negativity bias, make stress work for you, and engage in activities that proactively build resilience.
  • Reset: Step out of reactivity to focus on what is most important, resetting your nervous system, priorities, and perspective.


Upon completion of this program, learners will be able to:

  • Shift the way your brain responds to stress
  • Identify and overcome self-limiting stories that sabotage your success
  • Develop a toolbox full of resilience-building skills
  • Build a culture of team resilience
  • Utilize mindfulness to reset your nervous system


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