Webinar: Overview of Lower Limb Prostheses

Date and Time

May 12, 2020
12–1 p.m. ET


Virtual Event

This course begins by reviewing common terms associated with prosthetics and levels of amputation of the lower extremities. A generalized time line for the rehabilitation of an individual after lower extremity amputation will be discussed. Aspects of creating a lower extremity prosthetic design will be presented, including discussions of: user evaluation process; interface materials; types of suspension available; categories of prosthetic feet and knees; and additional components that may be incorporated into a prosthesis for maximized user outcomes. The course concludes with discussion of three hypothetical patient profiles.


Upon completion of this program, participant will be able to:

  • Recall common terms associated with prosthetics
  • Identify and describe levels of amputation of the lower extremities
  • Discuss a generalized time line for the rehabilitation of an individual after a lower extremity amputation
  • Identify typical components used in the fabrication of a lower extremity prosthesis, such as: various kinds of interfaces; transtibial and transfemoral sockets; types of suspension; and categories of feet and knees
  • Interpret and discuss hypothetical patient profiles indicating the need for a lower extremity prosthesis

Instructor: Chris Lange, CPO

Continuing Education Requirements: All attendees are required to attend the entire session, complete a credit request form, and evaluation following the session. Throughout the presentation learning outcomes will be assessed through instructor interaction and attendee’s participation through Q&A.

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