O&P Almanac Highlights Initiatives Aimed at Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Across the O&P Profession

O&P Almanac Highlights Initiatives Aimed at Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the O&P Profession
April 27, 2021
Hanger Clinic

April is Diversity Month, and the progress the O&P profession is making toward creating a more inclusive workforce is something to celebrate. In the March 2021 issue of the O&P Almanac, writer Christine Umbrell detailed industry-wide initiatives aimed at building more diverse workplaces to better represent the O&P patient population. Umbrell interviewed leaders in the field, including our own President & CEO Vinit Asar and Director of Talent Management, Inclusion & Engagement Lisa Lodyga-Uhl, to gain first-hand perspective on where we stand today and where we are heading in the future.

Hanger’s Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

In September 2020, Hanger pledged to take tangible actions in an effort to contribute to the dismantling of systemic racism, interrupt bias, and in turn, create a more inclusive profession that will ultimately better serve all.

President & CEO Vinit Asar spoke to the O&P Almanac about the steps we have taken to fulfill the areas of action we identified in the Pledge. “The company launched the Hanger Diversity and Inclusion Council, assembled a Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador Group to support the council, introduced a Hanger Foundation Scholarships for students of color, established affinity groups for Hanger employees, and prepared three new unconscious bias training modules for 2021,” he said.

Hanger’s Director of Talent Management, Inclusion & Engagement Lisa Lodyga-Uhl provided additional detail relating to the Council and the affinity groups, saying: “Council members represent all of Hanger’s buisness units and bring with them a wealth of diversity with respect to backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives…[and]…The goal fo Hanger’s affinity groups are to build a sense of community, belonging, and understanding among members by providing opporutnities to share experiences, have conversations, and collaborate.”

To learn more about the actions Hanger is taking to foster a more diverse workplace and provide more equitable care, read our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge.

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