Prosthetic Pre- and Post-Operative Patient Care

Prosthetic Post-Operative Patient Care
March 12, 2020
Hanger Clinic

Our amputee care protocol is designed to protect the residual limb, prepare patients for a prosthesis, and address emotional needs through support and education.

We partner with surgeons, physiatrists, nurses, and rehabilitation professionals to help ensure the long-term success of our patients. While our approach to care varies based on the individual needs of our partners and patients, we generally follow a similar process across our 800 locations nationwide.

Amputee Patient Care Pathway

Outcomes for Limb Management

Over 40 years of clinical studies have documented the advantages of removable rigid dressings (RRDs) to optimize patient outcomes through contracture prevention, wound protection, faster healing time, and return to activities of daily living, while allowing for easy and frequent wound inspection.

Our proprietary line of AmpuShield below-knee and above-knee limb protectors are appropriate for all transtibial and transfemoral amputation patients. The soft inner liner is gentle on the surgical site, and a rigid frame provides all the benefits of RRDs. AmpuShield is available from your local Hanger Clinic office and is measured and fit the same day it’s ordered for most patients.

Amputee Peer Support

Evidence shows that the most effective way for patients to adjust to life with limb loss is through education and emotional support from peers who have successfully moved forward after amputation. Peer visitors are uniquely qualified to help amputees cope, because they have first-hand experience overcoming negative emotions during their own recovery and rehabilitation process..

Learn how Hanger Clinic can help facilitate peer visits for your patients >

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