[Success Starts Early 103] Post-Prosthetic Rehabilitation Program Planning

Date and Time

July 30, 2020
12–1 p.m. CT


Virtual Event

This course is a part of the Success Starts Early mini-series developed by physical therapists for allied health care professionals providing care for lower limb loss patients around the country. 

This session will take you through a sample post-prosthetic rehabilitation program plan, including gait assessment and balance techniques, with the overall goal of providing you with a comprehensive plan that can be customized based on real patient profiles and overall mobility goals. 

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Assess musculoskeletal movement strategies of patients with amputations and formulate unique rehabilitation protocols
  • Analyze gait and employ balance techniques to support patient outcomes

The Course Series

This course is part of the Success Starts Early series.

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