Introduction to Prosthetic Feet: Finding the Foot that Fits


This one hour introductory level course for PT/PTA, RN, Case Managers and other health care professionals focuses on relating prosthetic foot design and function to the characteristics of anatomic foot and ankle tasks necessary for ambulation. The course will review the names and distinguishing functional characteristics of categories of prosthetic feet as defined by the Medicare Functional K-Level System. A few componentry enhancements will be presented to demonstrate how these augmentations help to supplement prosthetic foot function for certain K-level users.

Course Syllabus

Course Handout

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Summarize anatomic foot and ankle function during gait
  • Describe Medicare Functional K-levels and the ambulatory needs for each level
  • Describe types of prosthetic feet that have been assigned to each K-level and how the feet then benefit users
  • Identify enhancements that can supplement prosthetic foot function