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Our Continuing Education Program provides orthotics and prosthetics courses that are built and delivered by our clinicians for the patient’s healthcare team. Our course instructors maintain high standards in education by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach and fostering a collaborative learning environment for all learners. 

Approved New Jersey Instructors


Brian received his undergraduate education from Western New England University. He is an ABC certified clinician, currently serving as a Clinic Manager in the New Jersey area. Brian has been residency director at the Farmingdale clinic for 4 years and has been director to 3 clinicians in both orthotics and prosthetics. He has been with Hanger Clinic for 18 years, and his specialties include pediatric orthotics, neuromuscular, sports medicine, scoliosis and Walk-Aide. 


Doug received his undergraduate education from Ocean County College in 1987. In 2012, he became Associate Director of Education spearheading programs such as Mock Exams, Orthotic Fitters Education, Hanger Clinic’s on-line education portal e-Versity and Hanger’s premier event “Education Fair & National Meeting”. In 2012, he became one of Hanger Clinic’s National Orthotics Specialists, and in 2016, Doug took over the role as the Director of Education. He is ABC certified, has held numerous board and committee leadership positions and is currently serving as the Director of the National Residency Program. 


Adam received his undergraduate education from Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2008. He is ABC certified and serves as a clinician in the Farmingdale, New Jersey office. He has multiple certificates and trainings over topics including biomechanical composites; spinal technologies; and the Charleston Bending Brace. Adam’s specialty is in pediatric orthotics and cranial remolding helmets. Adam is a committee member for the NJAAOP and has over 8 years of experience in the field.