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The Hanger Clinic Virtual Classroom brings our leading Continuing Education Program to you, with a series of online, instructor-led training courses hosted by orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) experts and patient ambassadors from around the country.

O&P professionals, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and case managers who care for O&P patients are invited to join us for a collaborative learning experience that dives deep into the concepts and strategies related to the orthotic and prosthetic patient population. Each course will include the opportunity to learn from clinical experts, guest speakers, and patients alike, and may feature breakout sessions, small group activities, and case reviews where appropriate.

Whether you join us for one or all of our courses, we look forward to seeing you soon in the Hanger Clinic Virtual Classroom. Pre-approved CE credits will be offered for select courses only; please review each course listing for details. If you attend a course where credits do not apply, you are always welcome to submit for credit outside of Hanger Clinic.

Upcoming Courses

Allied Health Professionals

Courses designed for PTs, OTs, nurses, and case managers who care for O&P patients.

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O&P Providers

Courses designed for orthotists, prosthetists, and other O&P care providers.

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Courses designed for physiatrists, surgeons, and other providers that care for O&P patients.

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Past Courses

Related Events

August 7, 2020

Webinar: Purposeful Note-Writing for Patients with Limb Loss

An important role for a prescribing physician is to identify a patient’s medical necessity for a prosthetic device as well as their future potential for ambulation. This course is designed to educate physicians on how to produce meaningful, evidence-based documentation with the support of prosthetists for a better patient outcome.

August 11, 2020

[Success Starts Early 105] Virtual Prosthetic Rehabilitation Lab

This session will bring the series to life with virtual, hands-on, patient-centered activities designed to help you practice assessment techniques, communication, and best practices that help lead to patient success.

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