Bilateral Above-Knee Amputees “Decide to Rise” to the Next Level of Mobility at Atlanta’s BAKA Bootcamp

BAKA Bootcamp

At Hanger Clinic’s BAKA Bootcamp in Atlanta, bilateral above-knee amputees had the opportunity to cultivate confidence, gain endurance, and enhance their navigation skills.

What is BAKA Bootcamp?

BAKA Bootcamp challenges bilateral above-knee amputees to rise to their next level of mobility. This can vary depending on where they are today, whether that’s getting out of their wheelchair and walking on stubbies, navigating more effectively with prosthetic legs, or climbing stairs.

With an opportunity to try new activities, explore adaptive driving skills, and learn techniques for skin care and phantom pain, BAKA Bootcamp encourages people to “Decide to Rise” to the next level of their abilities. By surrounding themselves with others in a similar situation, attendees are able to learn from each other and from the nation’s leading prosthetic experts, celebrating each other’s successes along the way.

We are all bilateral amputees, here to support each other.

Clyde Hayden

What are the goals for BAKA Bootcamp?

1. Build endurance and strength

Using bilateral above-knee prostheses can require more mental focus and energy expenditure, and building your endurance takes time. BAKA Bootcamp helps attendees learn techniques and strategies to be able to move, lift, and go about their day more efficiently and comfortably.

2. Practice to increase confidence

The world of prosthetics is driven by new techniques and technologies. Stubbies, or short legs, stabilize balance, reduce the risk of injury from falling, require less energy expenditure, and increase walking speed. They also build up the muscles in the hips and residual limbs and improve balance. Then you can increase your height and move to prosthetic legs.

“During the BAKA Bootcamp held at Truist Park, attendees worked on walking, climbing stairs, and navigating inclines and declines. The goal was to help attendees gain new mobility techniques and increase their independence,” said Hanger Clinic Vice President of Lower Extremity Prosthetics Kevin Carroll.

3. Cultivate community

Being around other bilateral above-knee amputees makes you feel like you are not alone. BAKA Bootcamp provides the opportunity to share struggles, successes, and tips while creating new friendships in a supportive environment.

BAKA Bootcamp is an annual Hanger Clinic event. View upcoming Hanger Clinic events if you are interested in attending or learning more about upcoming Hanger Clinic events.

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