The Hanger Institute for Clinical Research & Education Issues 2023-2024 Annual Report Highlighting Efforts to Advance Orthotic and Prosthetic Care 

Annual Report

Our key initiatives within the Hanger Institute are designed to address and navigate a rapidly changing healthcare environment, with a focus on positively impacting the lives of those in need of life-changing orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) care. Made possible by strategic collaboration and partnerships with a wide range of academic and clinical institutions, we are pleased to share the 2023-2024 Hanger Institute for Clinical Research & Education’s Annual Report. 

With a nation that is moving from a fee-for-service approach to one that rewards outcomes, efficiency, quality, and population health, along with a more complex regulatory environment, reimbursement challenges, and continuing uncertainty, we are leveraging our resources, expanding our networks, and contributing to our knowledge base with an unwavering commitment to advancing evidence-based O&P practice.

James H. Campbell, PhDSenior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer

Highlights include:

Establishing Expectations Following Lower Limb Amputation 

Caring for Those Who Have Experienced an Amputation Due to Diabetes or Dysvascular Disease – Clinical Review 

Enhancing Outcomes Experienced by Users of Upper Limb Prostheses 

Quantifying Mobility Constraints and Validating New Technologies Among Users of Lower Limb Orthoses 

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