Hanger Institute Affiliates

The Hanger Institute for Clinical Research and Education recognizes a number of Affiliate Members from across Hanger, Inc.  These individuals have distinguished themselves through their commitment to the activities of the Hanger Institute and are actively participating in the Institute’s ongoing research and publication activities, national education efforts, national residency program and clinical affairs initiatives.

Mark Ashford, CP, LPO
Clinic Manager

Bob Austin, CP, LPO
Clinic Manager

Jean Ann Bailey
Regional VP

Rebecca Bergeson
Clinical Care Extender

Jeremy Bilow, CPO, FAAOP
Area Clinic Manager

Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP/D
VP, Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Dyan Cassady
National Residency Program Manager

Megan Chamis, MSPO, CO

Carrie Davis
VP, Patient Experience

Antonio Dias
Director, Engineering

Aaron Flores, Ph.D
VP, Hanger Fabrication Network

Katie Grosser, ATC, L/CPO
Clinic Manager

Dennis Huysman, MBA, CPO
VP, Pediatrics

Craig Jackman, CPO
Clinical Leader, Upper Limb

Matthew Klein, CPO
Area Clinic Manager

Kent Lane
Regional VP

Matt Luetke, CPO
Area Clinic Manager

Steve Mandacina, CP
Director, National Upper Limb Program

Tiffany Maynard, CPO

Molly McCoy, CPO
Clinical Documentation Specialist

Brian Monroe, CPO
Upper Limb Specialist

Shannon O​'Shea, CPO
Area Clinic Manager

Jillian Okimoto, CPO

Curtis Penny, CPO

Jason Ramsey, MSPO, CPO

John Rheinstein, CP, FAAOP/D
Clinic Manager

Drew Schieber, CPO
Clinic Manager

Kyle Sherk, MS, CPO
Upper Limb Specialist & Chair of Coding

Nancy Snyder, CPO
Clinic Manager

David Speers, CPO
Clinic Manager

Vahness Swilley
Director of Operations, Clinical & Scientific Affairs

Wallis Toatua-Farraday, CP, LP
VP, Strategic Initiatives

Amy Todd, MS, OTR/L, CHT
Clinical Therapy Specialist

Chris Toelle, L/CO
National Orthotics Specialist

Katie Toth, MPO, CPO
Clinic Manager

Jason Wening, MS, L/CPO, FAAOP
Clinic Manager & Resident Support Specialist

Jennifer Wilder, MA, L/CPO
Area Clinic Manager & Resident Support Specialist

Kim Wiley
VP, Clinical Technology & Business Intelligence

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