Clinical Outcomes

We develop new practice tools to empower our teams with the data to make informed decisions when treating patients across a spectrum of diagnoses.

ME™ by Hanger Clinic is a data-driven, evidence based program designed to monitor and improve patient outcomes.

The ME Scorecard™ for Lower Limb Prosthetic Users

The ME Scorecard™ for lower limb prosthetic users tracks and monitors patient satisfaction, quality of life, and prosthetic mobility as they move through the care pathway. The ME Scorecard™ includes:

  • Comparison of a patient’s mobility to similar patients’ based on amputation level, etiology, and age
  • Long-term mobility progress and trends
  • Satisfaction and quality of life scores

Additional Scorecards

Upper Limb Prosthetics

The ME Scorecard™ for upper limb prosthetic users tracks upper limb function, individual well-being, participation levels in social roles and activities, pain interference, and sleep quality.

Cranial Remolding Orthoses

The cranial remolding scorecard tracks progress across a range of scanning technologies to ensure optimal progress in each patient's individual care journey.

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