ME™ by Hanger Clinic

Scorecard for Lower Limb Prosthetic Users

We want to empower you with the data to make informed decisions for lower limb prosthetic patients in your care. That's why we've introduced ME™ by Hanger Clinic*, a data-driven, evidence based program designed to monitor and improve patient outcomes.

Why ME™ by Hanger Clinic Matters

  1. It is a validated, scientific process designed to improve patient care and ensure all medical decisions are informed and data-driven.
  2. It saves time for everyone involved by proactively identifying areas of concern, so you can focus on high priority needs and adjust treatment plans accordingly.
  3. Monitoring patient outcomes allows quicker identification of a decline in status for earlier intervention from all members of the rehabilitation team.
  4. Patients are empowered to take an active role in their care, leading to higher satisfaction and better care.

How it Works

    Patient schedules a free evaluation with Hanger Clinic.
    Patient fills out an assessment that helps us better understand their care progress, quality of life, and satisfaction.
    Using patient input and the latest validated assessment methods a patient profile is generated.
    This information is summarized into a handy ME Scorecard™ that is discussed with the patient and their healthcare team, allowing the care team to identify any necessary changes to treatment.
    At future Hanger Clinic visits, patients revisit the assessment, provide us with feedback on their progress, and set new goals with their care team.

Placing Progress in the Palm of Your Hand

The ME Scorecard™ tracks and monitors patient satisfaction, quality of life, and progress as they move through the care pathway.

  • Comparison of your patient’s mobility to similar patients' based on amputation level, etiology and age
  • Long-term mobility progress and trends
  • Satisfaction and quality of life scores

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