Personalize your Scoliosis Brace

​We want you to be empowered to make choices and express your individual personality through your scoliosis brace so that you will be comfortable in your scoliosis brace and feel empowered to just be yourself to just ‘BE ME’.

We have partnered with one of our suppliers so that you can select which design you would like on your brace. Take a look through the wide selection of choices here and make a note of which design you want, to share with your orthotist.

​Black P-1062
​Blue Snake P-1052
​Blue P-1019
​Brown P-1092
​Bugs Pink Background P-1089
​Bugs Yellow Background P-1093
​Carbon Braid P-1063
​Caucasion P-1094
Cosmic Bam P-1094​​Dark Sky P-1016
​Denim P-1030
​Flower Power P-1076
Fly and Drive P-1014​​Fly and Drive White P-1015
​FX P-1085
​Hearts and Roses P-1068
​Hispanic P-1073
​Iceage 2 P-1050
​Leopard P-1090
​Light Pink P-1071
Light Purple P-1026
Light Sky P-1032
Little Blue Bear P-1004
Little Red Bear P-1003
​Little White Bear P-1045
​Manhatten P-1045
Military Combo P-1025
Mystery P-1079
Neptune P-1082
Ocean P-1023
Paper APS P-1087
Paper Jumbo P-1005
Pink Cammo P-1056
Pink Snake P-1067
Pirates with Flowers P-1088
Punk P-1078
Purple Cammo P-1096Purple P-1075Raindrops P-1051Red P-1020
Soccer Balls Blue Yellow P-1065Soccer Balls Red White Blue P-1064Soccer Balls Germany P-1066Solar P-1061
Spring Butterfly P-1060Starlight Pink Background P-1083Sweetheart P-1072Tatoo P-1072
Tornado P-1013US Flag P-1053Wonderland P-1086Yellow P-1021
Zebra P-1091Zoom Zoom P-1095


Personalize your Brace