Chest & Head Orthoses

Select clinics offer a variety of specialty orthoses and services to treat the chest and head, such as chest bracing, custom burn masks, protective helmets, and post-mastectomy services.

Chest Orthoses

Chest orthoses can be used to correct abnormal shaping of the costal cartilage of the ribs, or pectus carinatum. This condition is usually seen in boys during puberty and is sometimes found in conjunction with other spinal abnormalities like kyphosis and scoliosis. Pectus orthoses are designed to apply constant, moderate pressure over the abnormal bone growth, which slowly stops the growth of the cartilage and, in conjunction with proper stretching and exercises, can be highly effective in treating this condition.

Custom Burn Masks

A custom-molded burn mask is a clear orthosis designed from a model of the patient’s face and fit directly against the skin. The total contact design applies direct pressure over the wound site to help prevent significant build-up of collagen fibers and reduce scarring.

Burn masks are often made from plastic, but there is also a scar management material called Silon-STS® (silicone thermoplastic splinting) that more significantly minimizes and reduces scars and better aids in the prevention of hypertrophic (raised) scars and keloids. This unique, patented material unites pressure and silicone therapy into one step.

In addition to helping with healing, burn masks are also used to protect the wound site from unwanted forces and serve as a barrier from potential irritants, while still allowing for visual inspection of the wound site without removal of the mask.

Protective Helmets

We design, fit, and customize safety helmets to help reduce the risk of injury or to protect the head following surgery. Athletes, people with special needs, and those recovering from an operation most commonly need this type of device to provide protection or facilitate healing.

Post-Mastectomy Services

​We understand that each woman who goes through a mastectomy has unique concerns and lifestyle needs. That’s why our post-mastectomy fitters offer individualized and private service in fitting breast forms and bras.

Breast forms are made from a variety of body-safe materials that mimic natural tissue and adhere directly to the chest wall, requiring no special undergarments for security. There are many factors considered in the choice of a breast form, including the type and extent of surgery, skin condition, lifestyle demands, and comfort. A certified mastectomy fitter works closely with each patient to find the right size and style of post-mastectomy products and bras that will restore a natural look.

A select number of clinics offer post-mastectomy services. Please contact our Patient Experience Team at (877) 442-6437 to inquire about our locations.

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