Upper Limb Orthoses

We offer a variety of braces and supports for the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, and hand that can be used for a range of needs, from ongoing stability to post-operative or post-injury immobilization.

Positional Supports

Positional Supports help prevent unwanted contractures, maintain proper alignment, and control range of motion. They are often used as part of a physical or occupational therapy program.

Soft Supports

Often referred to as soft goods, soft supports include braces that are made from neoprene, canvas, and fabric. However, these are sometimes reinforced with metal or plastic stays for additional support. Soft supports are often used to enhance stability or function, like a brace worn while playing tennis to help relieve tennis elbow.

Fracture and Immobilization Orthoses

Fracture and immobilization orthoses are often used to stabilize a joint after surgery or injury. The device needed depends on the type of injury as well as its location. If the fracture site is near a joint, it is common to stabilize above and below the affected area to reduce unwanted motion at the fracture site.

Consult with a Certified Orthotist

If you need to be fit with an upper limb brace or support, request a free evaluation at a Hanger Clinic near you.

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