Flagship Patient Events

Our annual flagship events are designed to mobilize and inspire you to reach your fullest potential as a prosthetic user. Each event is unique and details are provided as they are scheduled. All ages and levels of mobility are welcome.


With opportunities to learn from world-class prosthetists and peers thriving with prosthetic technology, EmpowerFest is a place to discover the power of shared experiences. These events are packed with exciting activities and education, with the most rewarding take-away being the connections made with others in the limb loss/limb difference community.

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Bilateral Above-Knee Amputee (BAKA) Bootcamp

This challenging and rewarding event helps to strengthen the daily activity and abilities of bilateral above-knee limb loss participants while providing peer support opportunities.

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Related Events

June 8 – 10, 2023

BAKA Bootcamp 2023

If you are a person with bilateral above-knee limb loss or limb difference, don’t miss out on attending this year’s Bootcamp. No matter your mobility level, you will be inspired to “Decide to Rise” to the next level of your abilities.

July 7 – 9, 2023

EmpowerFest 2023

Hanger Clinic’s EmpowerFest is an event like-no-other for people with upper and lower limb loss. You’ll discover the power of shared experiences and support from an uplifting community and learn from world-class prosthetists and peers who are thriving with prosthetic technology. The lessons learned and relationships made at EmpowerFest will last a lifetime!

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