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Bill Dunham

​Condition: Above-knee Amputee

Solution: ComfortFlex™ Socket System and X3 Microprocessor Knee

Bill steps down with the assistance of his artificial leg.

Bill’s Story

Many would think that earning a Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies, joining the ranks of the elite U.S. Army Special Operations Command and working for the Pentagon would be enough accomplishment for a lifetime. But for retired Sergeant Bill Dunham, all were far less of a triumph than learning to walk again.

Wounded in the Line of Duty

Bill Dunham was serving in the United States Army with the 75th Ranger Regiment. In 1989, Bill was severely wounded while trying to secure an airfield and apprehend Manuel Noriega. Initial attempts were made to save his leg, but three years and 21 surgeries later, doctors were forced to amputate his right leg above-knee.


Improving Prosthetics for Others

Today, as a Area Clinic Manager for and patient of Hanger Clinic, Bill is able to communicate from experience the superior level of clinical care available at Hanger Clinic to other amputees and the medical community at large. Bill works closely with prosthetic designers to test and develop advanced and better functioning prosthetic devices.

>Bill leads a very active lifestyle using advanced computerized prosthetic technology, called the Genium Bionic Prosthetic System. He enjoys golfing, sailing, flying, snow skiing, skydiving and kayaking.