Featured Technology: Blatchford EchelonER Hydraulic Ankle

September 25, 2020
Hanger Clinic

Blatchford’s EchelonER hydraulic ankle combines all the unique features and benefits of the Echelon with an extended range of ankle movement (25 degrees compared to Echelon’s 9 degrees). Ideal for more active users, the all-new robust and waterproof design provides even more ground compliance on steep slopes and uneven terrain.

Key Features

Extended Range of Movement

EchelonER uses its range of movement selectively to prevent excessive energy expenditure. For example, when walking at higher speeds, the range of movement decreases, and the foot springs become more dominant, leading to higher levels of energy return. At slower speeds, the range of movement increases to enable the foot to conform to the ground more effectively.

Flexible Footwear Choice

Combined with improved accommodation of heel height, users have more flexibility with footwear choice and a seamless transition to barefoot walking is possible.

Natural Sitting & Standing

EchelonER self-aligns with the ground when seated, enabling a relaxed foot position and a natural look while reducing pressure on the residual limb.

Robust & Waterproof Design

EchelonER brings added versatility and peace of mind to daily life with a waterproof design that features a top cap shape that more effectively allows water to escape from within the tube.

Meet EchelonER User, Adria Wright

At just 13 years old, Adria Wright was diagnosed with bone cancer which led to the amputation of her left leg above the knee. As a long-time prosthetic user, she had seen and tried everything. With five children, a successful career, and her love of the outdoors, she needed a device that could help her keep up with her busy life.

When her clinician Mark Elgart, CPO, suggested she pair the EchelonER hydraulic ankle with her microprocessor knee, she found “realistic functionality.” It was lightweight, durable, and it acclimated to all situations, allowing her to flex her foot, wear high heels, and walk on different types of terrain.

Living in the mountains of North Carolina, Adria enjoys hiking with the EchelonER. She loves how it conforms to uneven surfaces and that she can wade through creeks with her family.

According to Adria, “The EchelonER lets you do things you don’t realize you miss!”

Manufacturer: Blatchford

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