Monitoring Scoliosis Brace Wear-Time Can Improve Results

January 2, 2019
Hanger Clinic

When it comes to treating Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, bracing significantly decreases curve progression and minimizes the likelihood of surgery. However, when patients do not comply with brace-wearing schedules, it can impair the treatment’s effectiveness.

​​​That’s why we’ve added the Intelligent Orthotics™ (iO™) compliance monitor to the Hanger Clinic BEME Program. Utilizing the same thermal technology used in the Thermobrace study1, which showed a compliance rate of 91.7 percent, this device captures and stores data that helps you adjust treatment recommendations as patients’ spinal curvature changes over time.

How it Works

The discreet iO™ monitor is seamlessly fabricated into the scoliosis brace, allowing for the creation of wear reports, which are then compared to physician-set wear-time targets. Using this information, wearing schedules can be adjusted appropriately. Readings are taken every 32 minutes, and the device can store up to six months of data.

(1) Donzelli et al, In defense of Adolescents. Scoliosis, July 2012.​

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