Baby Troy’s Cranial Helmet Designed Like Army Pilot Dad’s

Cranial Orthosis Baby Troy
September 28, 2022
Hanger Clinic

When you’re a new parent, you want the best for your baby. That was true for parents Alison and Aaron. When their baby boy Troy developed a flat spot on his head, his mom Alison decided it was time to take action. She took Troy in for an examination. He was diagnosed with plagiocephaly, sometimes called flat head syndrome.

Plagiocephaly develops when an infant places repeated pressure on one part of the head, causing their head to have a flattened appearance. Many babies develop plagiocephaly by sleeping or sitting regularly in one position.

Alison tried re-positioning techniques, but they were not effective. Then she connected with Pediatric Specialist Jason Ramsey, MSPO, CPO at Hanger Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jason has treated more than 2,000 babies with cranial helmets and regularly partners with the Cleft and Craniofacial Program at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital on research. Using 3D-scanning technology, he fit Troy with a custom helmet in April that’s already helped this adorable baby make significant progress in re-shaping his head.

“These kids, usually from preferred sleeping positions, develop a flat spot on their head,” Jason said. “We have the orthotic helmet to correct the shape. All it does is redirect the natural growth pattern.”

With Troy’s dad, Aaron, deployed overseas as a U.S. Army Apache pilot, the family thought of the perfect design for Troy’s cranial remolding orthosis – a connection to his dad’s pilot helmet: “Daddy’s Little Co-Pilot” (DLCP). Now several months into his helmet wear, measurements are showing that Troy has made progress in shaping his head. While someday soon Troy will no longer be required to wear the helmet, it’s always going to be something his mom Alison keeps for the memories.

Let your dreams take flight Troy!

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