Quentin Fortune: Boxer Gets Back in the Ring with His Prosthesis

Quentin Fortune Boxer Below Knee Prosthesis
February 28, 2022
Hanger Clinic

Quentin’s two passions are his family and boxing. After becoming a below-knee amputee, he knew he had to walk, run, and box again. With his prosthesis and drive, he achieved his ultimate goal … making it back into the ring.

Twenty-nine-year-old Quentin was out riding motorcycles with friends when an average night took a turn for the worse, and he found himself in the hospital learning he would need a below-knee amputation. As a professional boxer, he thought his life and career were over.

His family helped to keep his spirits up, but inside he was devastated.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, or to my wife and kids. I was so active, my career even depended on it. Everything I knew was changing. I was in shock, felt like my life was destroyed, and didn’t know what the future held for me.”

Support from My Care Team

After Quentin’s amputation and while he was still in the hospital, a social worker met with him to talk about a prosthesis and therapy.

“She told me I could still enjoy the same activities and live the life I set out for myself, but it was up to me to put in the work. The day I left the hospital I told myself I was going to be that person to surpass expectations.

That’s when my relationship with Hanger Clinic in New York began. Once I was fitted with my below-knee prosthesis, I began rehabilitation. Mentally I wanted to just start walking again, but I quickly learned I needed to allow my amputation site time to heal and work into it. I started with therapy, and kept working on my own and with my family’s support.”

Early on, Quentin set out to accomplish everyday tasks like driving a car. Once he started walking, he went to work enhancing his mobility by walking on uneven surfaces, up and down ramps, and stairs.

Then one day when Quentin was out walking his dog, one of his trainers called him up to check in on him and ask if he wanted to get back in the gym.

Getting Back in the Ring

“It took time because my balance was still off. Once I started to get my balance back, I went back into the gym. One of my trainers helped me work through my balance even more. It was a daily back and forth, left and right, and front and back. Every day I would go through this routine until I could do it all the time.”

One day, after months of training and clinical care, Quentin achieved his dream of getting back into the ring for his first fight since being fit with his below-knee prosthesis.

I won my first fight and never looked back.

Quentin Fortune

“My prosthetist John Rheinstein and the Hanger Clinic team are always there for me, helping adjust my prosthesis to ensure fit and function for my training. I am highly active and put the technology to the test. The team is encouraging and accommodating, working with me when new prosthetic technology is developed that may be a better fit for my lifestyle and helping me through the insurance process as I need it.”

In addition to boxing, Quentin’s children keep him moving as well.

“Right now I’m about to go sledding with my kids. I keep up with my family – roller skating, ice skating, hiking, running, it never stops. I still ride motorcycles too. I am thankful that prosthetic technology and my determination enables me to continue to live the life I set out for myself.

Everybody is different. When I meet a person in my shoes, I tell them to keep pushing and don’t stop. It’s challenging but it’s not the end of the road. Some days go better than others. Continue to work through each day and find the best in what you accomplished.”

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