Hanger Clinic Patient Athletes Shine at 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

September 14, 2021
Hanger Clinic

Hanger Clinic is pleased to announce the results of our 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Team USA patient athletes. From overcoming barriers associated with the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., 2020 event postponement, no in-person fans or family support, and added logistics around travel and testing) to winning a gold medal while pregnant (Lora Webster) and representing Team USA as the youngest member of the Track & Field team (Ezra Frech), the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic team of Hanger Clinic patient athletes gave us all something to be proud of.

Spanning across at least six different summer Paralympic sports and more than 10 events, the hard work, dedication, and resilience of each athlete was admired by our family of nearly 5,000 Hanger employees, with the biggest supporters being the athletes’ clinicians themselves.

Pictured left to right:

  • We: Jeremy Bilow – Jamie Brown’s clinician
  • Are: Thomas Page – Ezra Frech’s clinician
  • Proud: Bryan Solomon – McKenna Geer’s clinician
  • Of: Jared Larson – Shelby Jensen’s clinician
  • You: Susan Cohen – Lora Webster’s clinician
  • Heart: Brock Heller – Jake Schrom’s clinician

2020 Tokyo Paralympics Hanger Clinic Patient Athletes & Results

Jamie Brown

2020 Tokyo Paralympics Result: 9th Place

Clinician: Jeremy Bilow, CPO, FAAOP | Portland, OR
Instagram: @jamiebrowntri

Ezra Frech
Track and Field

2020 Tokyo Paralympics Result: 5th Place High Jump; 8th Place Long Jump

Clinician: Thomas Page, CPO | Encino, CA
Instagram: @teamezra05

McKenna Geer
Rifle Shooting

2020 Tokyo Paralympics Result: 21st Place Mixed 10m Standing; 34th Place Mixed 10m Prone; 17th Place Mixed 50m Prone

Clinician: Bryan Solomon, CPO | Colorado Springs, CO
Instagram: @kennageer10.9

Shelby Jensen

2020 Tokyo Paralympics Result: 7th Place Team Epee; 8th Place Team Foil; 12th Place Epee; 15th Place Saber

Clinician: Jared Larson, CPO | Salt Lake City, UT
Instagram: @shelby.jensen

Jake Schrom

2020 Tokyo Paralympics Result: 6th Place

Clinician: Brock Heller, L/CPO | Carlisle, PA
Instagram: @jake_from_weight_farm

Lora Webster
Women’s Sitting Volleyball

2020 Tokyo Paralympics Result: 1st Place – Gold Medal

Clinician: Susan Cohen, CP | Rockville Centre, NY
Instagram: @lora.webster

Scenes from Tokyo

Although the stands were empty, the excitement and energy were abundant. Here are a few snapshots from our athletes’ time in Tokyo, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all.

Top Left: Track and Field Arena (photo by: Clayton Frech); Top Right: Jake Schrom Powerlifting; Bottom Right: Ezra Frech Holding Inspiration Flag (photo by: Clayton Frech); Bottom Middle: McKenna Geer; Bottom Left: Shelby Jensen (photo by: Kirby Wolff).

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