Hanger Clinic Resident, Charles Noble, Receives Edwin and Kathryn Arbogast Award

September 30, 2019
Guest Expert

Charles Noble, Hanger Clinic Resident

My Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics (MSOP) abstract and capstone project, “Is the Allied Health Field ‘Passing the Buck’ Regarding Fall Training?,” won the 9th annual Edwin and Kathryn Arbogast Award at the 2019 AOPA National Assembly.

The goal of this preliminary study was to identify a problem in the O&P field and hopefully bridge the gap between our field and other allied health fields.

Initially, this project was intended to look into fall training programs and techniques for lower limb amputees via a thorough literature review. However, it was quickly apparent that there was a gap in this area, so I turned towards looking into the prevalence of fall training for lower limb amputees and if there was a correlation to falling and/or seriousness of the fall sustained.

The results of the research showed that from 169 lower limb amputees polled, 69 percent had never received any form of fall training. There was no significant correlation between those who received fall training and fall rate; however, there were more falls reported from respondents who had never received fall training compared to those who had.

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