Daniel Gonzalez, CO


Daniel Gonzalez, CO


Daniel is an ABC-certified orthotist for Hanger Clinic in Covina, California.

Daniel became an orthotist largely due to his own personal experience using orthotic bracing during his childhood. Thanks to a lot of medical interventions, the help of his custom orthotic braces, and the support of family, he had the opportunity to succeed in life and now has the privilege of helping make a difference in the lives of his own patients. Daniel works with patients of all ages, including pediatric patients all the way up to orthotic bracing for the elderly. He also has experience with lower extremity prosthetics in adults.

Daniel also specializes in infant cranial asymmetry. He enjoys working with children because they bring such joy to the life of a family and an inherent joy to the clinic. Daniel cherishes the opportunity to improve head asymmetries early in his patients’ lives, so that they can grow up with confidence.


  • Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Loma Linda University, 2017
Cranial Helmets

The CARE (Cranial Asymmetry Remolding Experts) Network is comprised of the nation’s leading orthotists specializing in the management of cranial asymmetries.
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Covina Covina
1270 E Garvey Ave,
Suite 145
Covina, CA 91724
Fax: (626) 974-1672

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