Kyle Miller, CPO, MPO

Clinic Manager

Kyle Miller, CPO, MPO

Clinic Manager

Kyle is an ABC-certified prosthetist/orthotist at Hanger Clinic in Augusta, Maine. His introduction to orthotics and prosthetics came by way of a TLSO he was fit with to manage a spinal fracture in high school, which was critical in enabling him to heal and run again. He appreciates how each and every intervention can have a profound effect on mobility and quality of life.

Kyle completed his residency in private practice in Connecticut before moving to Maine, where he has practiced since 2020. He enjoys researching emerging technology, and has published on wearable technology to measure amputee gait.

Outside of the clinic, Kyle enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog, running, hiking, kayaking, and sipping iced coffee.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Boston University, 2013
  • Master of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Northwestern University, 2018

Clinic Locations

Augusta Augusta
24 Stone St,
Suite 5A
Augusta, ME 04330
Fax: (207) 622-4723

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