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​"No" is not a possiblity

Katy Sullivan was born a bilateral, transfemoral amputee – missing both legs through her femur bones. Ultra sounds were not the norm back in the 70’s when Katy was born, so the first indication that there was a problem was when Katy’s mom was in the hospital in the pains of labor.

Mrs. Sullivan was given anesthesia, but she knew something was amiss before she went under. When she awoke, looking at her husband, wanting to know what happened, she asked him to tell her the truth. He told her Katy was born without her lower legs. Incredulously, she stared at her husband and said, “That’s it?” And, that’s been Katy’s mantra ever since. The absence of her lower legs certainly hasn’t held her back.

In Katy's words, "No, is not a possibility."

Katy Sullivan was born a bilateral, transfemoral amputee


Katy is a competitive runner that participates in events such as the Challenged Athletes Triathlon and the UCO Endeavor Games.

Katy Sullivan, bilateral, transfemoral amputee, smiles
Katy Sullivan, double leg amputee, leans against a tree
Katy Sullivan competes in the UCO Endeavor Games

​Prosthetic and Orthotic Innovations in Empowerment

At Hanger Clinic, we constantly strive to help our patients improve their quality of life and regain their self-confidence. From prostheses to braces and supports, we are empowering human potential with our unrivaled products and services.​

Prosthetic Hand - i-Digit Quantum

​​​​Few parts of the human body are as important and complex as our hands. The i-digits™ quantum hand incorporates Touch Bionic's patented and ground-breaking i-mo™ technology and is the first partial hand prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture.


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Custom Prosthetic Foot - élan

​​The élan is a new microprocessor-controlled hydraulic prosthetic foot from Endolite that uses patented microprocessor-controlled technology to provide real time, simultaneous adjustments as the user walks, allowing for a smoother gait without thought from the user. It is designed to adapt dynamically to provide assistance when walking on a variety of surfaces and changing gait speeds.

The élan prostheses provides assistance in forward progression and a brake effect when walking down an incline, resulting in optimized momentum and security for the user. This allows the user to perform daily routines that include negotiating uneven terrain, slopes and ramps, all with less effort, increased stability, and greater confidence.


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Custom Leg Brace - C-Brace

​​This first ever orthotronic device, which combines the science of mechatronics with custom orthotics, is helping people walk, despite paralysis due to incomplete spinal cord injury, post-polio syndrome, and other debilitating physical conditions.

The C-Brace adapts to changing walking speeds, permits walking down stairs step-over-step and improves safety in stumbling situations. The wearer no longer has to constantly focus on the ground while walking and is once again able to appreciate their surroundings with no restrictions.


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Amputee Support Group: Ampow​er by Hanger Clinic

To empower and strengthen those affected by amputation or limb difference through peer mentorship, education and community.

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