What To Expect with Hanger Clinic

Young girl with brace on her leg.

At Hanger Clinic, we are dedicated to helping patients overcome challenges, regain function and mobility, and ultimately pursue the activities they love. Our goal is to empower our patients to live active, fulfilling and extraordinary lives.

​The Hanger Clinic Difference

For over 150 years, Hanger Clinic has been enhancing orthotic and prosthetic products and services. With hundreds of locations across the country, Hanger Clinic offers an expansive network that provides access to care whether patients are at home or traveling.

Hanger Clinic employs the most skilled clinicians in the profession, and provides unwavering support in training and education. Every year, nearly 1,000 clinicians from Hanger Clinic attend the weeklong Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting to learn and exchange ideas at one of the profession’s largest clinical education experiences.

This access to continuing education, combined with our dedication to innovation, propels Hanger Clinic to the forefront of the industry.

A Dedication to Innovation

At Hanger Clinic, we recognize that emergent technologies offer new opportunities for development. We study the cutting-edge, and then drive it forward.

Our size, resources, and national footprint allow us to quickly introduce and adopt advanced techniques that provide the best opportunities for our patients to succeed.

Our clinicians pride themselves on finding the right solution for any need, especially complex or hard-to-fit cases. It’s their knowledge, experience, and dedication that help patients live their lives with comfort and confidence.

Your First Visit

Your First Visit

From the moment you enter a Hanger Clinic location, our goal is to give you a calm and welcoming experience. The first visit to an orthotist is often stressful for new patients. It’s natural to feel a little frightened or overwhelmed when facing your injury or condition.


Fitting Your Support or Brace

Once an office visit has been scheduled with an orthotist, most people are eager to get through the fitting process and begin using their new orthosis as soon as possible.  Unless you are receiving a ready-made orthosis, please note that the process of custom fitting an brace or support takes a little time.



The primary goal of the Hanger Clinic National Orthotic Program is to increase mobility while decreasing rehabilitation time. An orthosis can be especially helpful in preventing an existing problem from getting worse.