Featured Technology: The Nexus Hand by COVVI

Hanger Clinic Featured Technology Nexus Hand by COVVI
August 21, 2020
Hanger Clinic

Nexus is a multi-articulated myoelectric hand that brings ground-breaking functionality and accessibility, personalized to each and every user. Built to withstand the strength and speed pressures required of everyday life, the Nexus Hand is lightweight and easy to use.

Key Features

Passively-Flexing Fingers and Thumb

Fingers are naturally vulnerable to danger and need protecting. The passive full digit flex capability helps your fingers and thumb move out of danger when they are struck from the back of the hand. It is also improves embodiment with the hand, so when you touch it with your sound side, it looks more natural.

Thumb Rocker Switch

Say goodbye to manual hand-whacking with intuitive thumb control that operates according to pre-programmed grip patterns. Especially beneficial for people with bilateral upper limb loss or limb difference, this feature helps you seamlessly transition to the next grip.

Flex Wrist

A built-in flex wrist allows you to tilt your hand back when necessary, which is great for pushing a shopping cart or shaking someone’s hand.

Hand Covers

The water-resistant glove is completely integrated and is made from flexible silicone, neoprene, and impact resistant polymers. This attractive and practical design enables flex capability where required and protection where it isn’t, and also prevents glove migration which is inherent with most other hand covers.

Meet Nexus User, Sherburne Dunn

An avid airplane pilot and sports car aficionado, Sherburne Dunn needs to be able to fly and drive with efficiency and precision, so he can be prepared to respond to any situation that comes his way.

Born with congenital below-elbow limb difference, he has tried many prosthetic devices over the years, from mechanical to myoelectric. With each technological advancement, he gained more functionality and benefited from improved features but was still missing the ease of use and control he desired.

“We selected the Nexus Hand for Mr. Dunn because of the improved thumb control and the ability to quickly change modes. The integrated, water-resistant silicone glove proved to be just as important as he began to use it in his daily life because he was able to rinse and disinfect it as needed,” said Mr. Dunn’s clinician Mike Duston, CPO.

Mr. Dunn was happy to try the Nexus Hand upon Mike’s recommendation. He found it to be functional and efficient on many levels from gripping to donning the hand, to flying and driving with more control. He enjoys being able to slide his hand on and off the steering wheel, giving him the added safety he was looking for and appreciates the long battery life, so he can go out on his adventures without worrying about losing power.

Manufacturer: COVVI

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