Myoelectric Hands & Hooks

The latest technology in upper limb prosthetics hands and extremities is generally related to myoelectric hands and hooks. Myoelectric devices are those that use electrodes on the residual limb to pick up electrical impulses the body creates when muscles are flexed. Based on the electrical impulses the electrodes detect, the device is programmed to perform a specific action.

A myoelectric hand or hook is best suited for people with remaining muscle function in the residual limb in order to generate the proper response from the device. Before the prosthesis is fabricated, muscle function can be tested by placing electrodes on the muscles and ensuring the signal can trigger an action.

Myoelectric devices require training to get familiar with flexing different muscles in order to generate the desired response. However, patience will pay off, as they can create a very functional, life-like experience once you learn to use them.

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