Featured Technology: Ottobock C-Brace

The C-Brace is the world’s first mechatronic stance and swing phase control orthosis that helps people with neurological conditions affecting their legs return to everyday life. Lightweight, low profile, intuitive, and dynamic, the C-Brace helps people experience new freedom of movement.

Key Features

  • No external cables – all sensors are integrated into the joint unit
  • The microprocessor sensor technology is intuitive to use, and the motion sequences are dynamic and sensitive
  • Flexion under load is possible: when sitting down, walking down stairs step-over-step, and walking down inclines
  • The entire gait cycle is controlled dynamically and in real-time
  • It analyzes the user 100 times per second to anticipate movements
  • Natural body posture is restored, reducing contralateral physical strain and resulting secondary conditions
  • It is low-profile, so users have the option of wearing the orthosis under their clothing
  • More efficient fitting and adjustments with the use of the new Setup App
  • The Cockpit App allows users to make minor adjustments from their smartphone or tablet


  • Ability to walk more safely and more naturally
  • Reduced risk of falling with the stumble recovery feature
  • Improved ability to be active and independent
  • If you need support walking following injury, partial paralysis, disease, or weakness in the legs due to many conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, post-polio, etc., the C-Brace may be a good solution. Schedule a free evaluation with one of our board-certified orthotists to see if you are a candidate for the technology.

Manufacturer: Ottobock

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