Steps of Faith Helps Provide Limbs to Amputees

December 11, 2023
Hanger Clinic

Steps of Faith reconnects amputees to their communities, families, and workforces by providing limbs to amputees who can’t otherwise afford them. Thundergong, Steps of Faith’s annual fundraiser, is a night of unforgettable musical performances and loads of laughs as all come together to help uninsured and underinsured amputees get the prosthetic limbs they need to restore mobility. This year, Hanger Clinic was proud to be the headline sponsor.

Thundergong 2023

This year’s annual event was a huge success! Thundergong 2023 had incredible performances including Shallow and Love Shack from Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, and more. Our favorite moment was when Meri Bennett from Kansas City took the stage with her Hanger Clinic prosthetist Ashley Eaton, CPO.

Ashley first met Meri in February, the day after she underwent an above-knee amputation resulting from complications during surgery to remove a blood clot from behind her knee. Not only was Meri dealing with a major, unexpected medical event, her insurance lapsed when she was unable to work, leaving her without coverage for her much-needed prosthesis.

Meri shared, “I cried to Ashley. I told her I really don’t know what to do or where to turn.”

That was when Meri turned to Steps of Faith, a nonprofit dedicated to providing prosthetic care to those in need. Ashley and Meri filled out an application, and within weeks, Meri had been approved and was fit with her first prosthetic leg. She is now able to walk again, is continuing to improve her mobility, and plans to travel to Mexico to celebrate her 40th birthday. When Meri spoke at Thundergong, it was with a mission to bring awareness through her story, inspire others like her, and recognize the work of Steps of Faith.

“I never thought I would lose a leg or be in this position. When I see other amputees living their lives, it encouraged me. So, I want to do the same thing for other people. You never know how you can be a blessing.”


The Hanger Clinic Kansas City team was cheering on Meri and Ashley from the audience. The Hanger Clinic team is incredibly proud of Meri and Ashley, glad to support Thundergong as its headlining sponsor, and happy to partner with Steps of Faith throughout the year to help change lives. 

Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith is a nonprofit public charity founded in 2013 dedicated to providing prosthetic care, hope, and comfort to amputees needing financial support. They help uninsured and underinsured amputees get the prosthetic limbs they need. Sign up for emails to be first in the know for next year’s Thundergong event:

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