Hanger Establishes Institute for Clinical Research and Education

March 16, 2021
Hanger Clinic

The Hanger Institute for Clinical Research and Education (Hanger Institute) is a robust collection of resources and experts dedicated to advancing clinical practice and improving patient outcomes. Focusing on leading-edge clinical research, evidence-based care, and professional education, the Hanger Institute will serve as a platform to collaborate with top-tier medical and academic institutions and industry experts.

“The formation of the Hanger Institute further demonstrates Hanger’s leadership within the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) profession, and our commitment to science and patient outcomes,” said James Campbell, PhD, Hanger’s Chief Clinical Officer. “Through strategic collaboration, members and affiliates of the Hanger Institute will help drive clinical advancements that benefit individuals requiring O&P care, all aimed at empowering human potential.”

The foundation of the Hanger Institute is built upon five core competencies to help lead its mission of exploring, expanding, and facilitating opportunities that advance evidence-based care in O&P:

  1. Real-world data analytics through rich and robust data that drives the care decisions made daily.
  2. Knowledge translation by educating Hanger Clinic care teams and medical professionals on new research, care pathways, and technologies that not only drive the field forward, but also improve patient outcomes.
  3. Implementation expertise used to translate data and research into everyday practice to support Hanger Clinic care teams through implementing new outcomes initiatives and disseminating that information to patients, medical professionals, and payers.
  4. Patient engagement efforts to help orthotic and prosthetic patients play a more active role in their care through the creation of programs, resources, and education that are guided by research.
  5. Strategic partnership alignment to collaborate with specific academic partners and healthcare organizations in pursuit of the same goal: providing optimal care for our patients.

The Hanger Institute is embedded within Clinical & Scientific Affairs at Hanger Clinic, and will receive expert guidance from an external advisory board comprised of multidisciplinary healthcare and research specialists. The board will provide input around advancing specific research and clinical support, while ensuring educational activities are consistent with the Hanger Institute’s mission. Read the full press release to learn more.

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